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Goals & Portfolios
Can I have multiple goals?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of goals you can create. In fact, we encourage you to set up as many goals as possible as this will bring clarity to your many financial objectives. You will be able to see the progress for each goal and prioritise your savings accordingly.

How do I set up financial goals?
  1. Go to your Dashboard. Click on Create Goal.
  2. Choose from the few goals that we have or create a general one.
  3. Name your goal
  4. Enter goal inputs
Why set up so many financial goals?

Setting up more than one financial goal is reflective of our lives itself as we want to achieve so many things. Different goals have different time frames: some, like children’s education and retirement, are long term; others, like saving to buy a home or travel are short term. Because different goals will require different investment riskiness which has to be matched with your own preferences, setting up different goals will bring clarity to your overall financial management.

Can I change or customise my portfolio allocations?

You may select a portfolio which is different from the one that we recommended. Just remember that this will put you at another risk profile and may affect your goal achievement and change your stress levels. However, at this point in time you can’t customise portfolio allocations directly.

What happens if my goals change over time?

We understand that your financial situation and objectives will change over time, and so we’ve made it easy for you to increase or decrease your monthly deposits, update your risk profile, withdraw funds, create new goals and more on any device at any time. This way, you can manage your money and reach your goals on your terms.

Sounds like investment advice

We are authorised by the Securities Commission Malaysia with the Digital Investment Management licence. We can analyse your financial wants, recommend investment amounts and deploy your money according to sound financial principles in a jiffy.

What if I can’t afford the recommended monthly savings?

That is quite normal especially when you’re just starting out. Don’t worry too much about it as you will be able to save more in future as your career advances and your income grows. Just save whatever you can right now even if it’s way below the recommended savings. We will give you a progress status and readjust your required monthly savings as you move along so that you know exactly what to do. The principle at work here is that you would probably under-save in the short term and over-save in the longer term.

Is there a fixed amount I need to invest?

Your investment amounts are not fixed. Just invest whatever you’re comfortable with. You can also skip a month or two, resume, and withdraw whenever you wish. All without incurring charges or penalties.

How often should I monitor my portfolios/goals?

You are free to monitor your portfolios in your dashboard whenever you wish (or not). Your Net Asset Value (NAV) is updated every business day. But, since we also monitor your portfolios 24/7 and perform adjustments (rebalancing, re-optimisation) when necessary, you don't really have to check in too often if you didn’t want to. We would discourage you from frequent selling or getting stressed out from any portfolio volatility. Markets take a long time to do their work (take for example the property market) which means that you can often leave them be for peace of mind. However, it’s good to periodically review your overall long term financial goals and needs to update existing goals or create new ones.

Where can I see my goal details?

To see your goal details, go to the dashboard and select the goal you wish to see. You will be able to see your goal inputs, portfolio details like asset allocation and ETFs invested, your goal progress, deposit plan, risk preferences and much more. You can also edit these at any time but not too frequently as you should take the long term view in your financial planning and also avoid the risk of losses.

How do I make changes to or delete my goal?

We are in the process of creating a goal editing function. Upon that release you will be able to clean up your goals.