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Where can I update my personal information?
  • Go to the Akru website (, and at the home screen select LOGIN. 

  • Enter your email and current password and log in. 

  • Select Account from the menu on the left and Personal Information on top. 

  • Make the necessary changes and click "Save Information".

I am not able to login after changing the password. I have forgotten my password.

On the login page, click on “Forgot Password”. Enter your email address which you used to register. A reset link will be sent to your registered email. Clicking on that link will allow you to reset your password.

Where can I change the password?
  • Go to the Akru website (, and at the home screen select LOGIN. 

  • Enter your email and current password and log in. 

  • Select Account from the menu on the left and under "Security" click "password". 

  • Enter a new password and confirm your new password and Save.

What are your password setting requirements?

Password should:

  • be between 6 to 20 characters

  • contain at least 1 special character (eg *, #)

  • contain at least 1 lower case letter

  • contain at least 1 uppercase letter

  • contain at least 1 number

  • not contain spaces

What happens to my investment if Akru is experiencing a cyberattack and your system is down?

Your assets are securely held with a custodian. The funds continue to be invested and you will be able to resume using the platform as soon as possible.

Can I sign in from multiple devices?

Yes, you are allowed to sign on to multiple devices.

Is your platform stable?

Our products and services are built for performance by maximising speed and stability. Our products run on the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. All our systems are monitored  in real-time. 

I was automatically logged out, what happened?

Your session may automatically end and require you to sign back in. This protects your account and lowers the risk of unauthorised access from an unattended device.

What safeguards does Akru have in place to ensure that my assets are protected from fraud?

We have taken measures to protect your assets. We use a secure server infrastructure to protect you from cyber attacks. You are required to use two-factor authentication for any changes with important details and identity verification for withdrawals. We also partner with licensed institutions to hold your assets.

Will my information be shared with any other third party?

No, your information will not be shared with any private third party for any purposes, other than for the operations of the business and transactions related to your account. However, Akru may release information to the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC)  if required. Your information may also be released to Government authorities if required by law. Akru will adhere to all provisions of the Malaysian PDPA in relation to your personal information stored on our systems.

Where is my personal information stored?

Your personal information is securely stored in our databases. We collect and use the data in accordance with Privacy Policy and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

What encryption do you use?

Akru employs 256-bit encryption to secure all your information, from personal info to transaction history. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to help ensure all information in our website is protected.


Is my account and personal information secured?

Akru is a licensed corporation in Malaysia and regulated by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Your assets are se ated and held in safe custody with reputable financial institutions including Saxo Markets and Universal Trustee . We use bank level security and data encryption to protect you. We regularly perform third party penetration testing to ensure our apps and your information is secured with the most advanced security software and practices.


With regards to your personal information, we use the latest encryption technologies to protect your account and personal data. We do not share your data with anyone without your consent.


Once Akru receives your Personal Data, Akru will use strict procedures and security features  to prevent unauthorised access, including anti-virus software. Any personal data which you provide to Akru is stored on Akru secure servers. Any payment transactions and all pages that require the submission of personal data will be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology.

What safeguards does Akru have in place to ensure that my assets are protected?

We adopted the following measures:

  • Protection of your assets by third parties

Your assets are held by a custodian. You will transfer your money directly into a trust account from which it can only be transferred back into your personal bank account or into our broker’s custodian account for investing your money.


  • Two-factor authentication for changes to your account

All customers are required to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) when creating their accounts. 2FA helps to protect your account by requiring you to enter a One-Time-Password (OTP) sent via email/SMS for verification of mobile number, changing bank details and withdrawing funds.


  • Withdrawal verification

To prevent unauthorised withdrawals, we will only process withdrawal requests to the bank account which you have registered with Akru.


  • Secure infrastructure

We use a secure server infrastructure based within the Google Cloud Platform that keeps your data protected. We use SSL and 256-bit encryption to protect your data down to the server-level.

How does Akru manage the security of its IT systems and data?

Security is one of the most important parts in the Akru system. Being in the financial industry, Akru places high importance on the security of our systems. From the physical security of the premises and devices (routers, modems, laptops, desktops etc) used to operate our systems, to logical security such as firewalls, and other software and security systems and processes to two-factor authentication that is used to protect the system from interference and/or malicious attacks, Akru has adopted all current industry security standards. By developing and maintaining our system on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we can leverage on its security features.


Amongst the security measures are:

  • data transmission via  256-bit encryption 

  • secure password requirement for customers

  • two-factor authentication for critical transactions such as verification of mobile number, change bank account number and withdrawal of funds

  • regular automated backups

  • anti-virus software

  • anti-DDOS systems 

  • hardened firewalls

  • redundancy

  • latest security patches updates.


The GCP also ensures the reliability of the system, in that it has inherent redundancy within itself. We have ensured that our security meets and/or exceeds all of those measures stipulated by the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) which regulates us.