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Are there any hidden fees?

No. We are fully transparent about our fee structure.

Do you charge a sales charge?

No we don’t.

Do I have to pay a fee for withdrawals?

We don’t charge fees for withdrawals.

Do I have to pay a fee for deposits?

Nope. Akru doesn’t charge a fee for deposits. Your bank or a third-party payment gateway may charge fees to facilitate transfers.

Why does Akru have a cost advantage?

In active investing, costs can take a big bite out of long term average returns so it is important that Akru’s ecosystem minimises costs. Our algorithms have been designed to minimise trades, FX conversion and remittances. Additionally, Akru bears major trading costs such as brokerage, custodian and remittance fees. The costs which you bear are pretty much it with no extra hidden charges. See also How Low-Cost Exactly is Akru?.

What other fees do I have to bear?
  1. Very cheap ETF fees paid to ETF managers (not Akru) of 0.04% - 0.50%.

  2. Admin fee of RM10 paid only once on account opening.

  3. Cash transfer fees of RM1 per transaction paid to third-party payment gateway if you use them.

How do I pay Akru fees?

A very small amount of your funds, 1% or less, is allocated to RM cash from which we deduct our fees. The fee calculation is prorated according to your average daily invested balance and charged monthly. The monthly fee is the annual fee divided by 12. Note that any cash that remains in your account not deducted for fees will still be part of your portfolio as a “cash allocation”. As we deduct fees, the cash allocation gradually becomes even smaller. We will manage your cash allocation to make sure you are fully invested while maintaining a tiny cash allocation for fees by fractionally selling your investments or by allocating from your new fundings.

What is your fee or pricing for managing my funds?

What is your fee or pricing for managing my funds?

It is as follows:


Account Balance

Fee (% of investments per annum)

First RM100,000


Between RM100,000 and RM250,000


Between RM250,000 and RM500,000


Between RM500,000 and RM1,000,000


Between RM1,000,000 and RM3,000,000


Above RM3,000,000